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SDI has created Excel™-based software for System Engineering and Design for Six Sigma.

Statistical Design Institute, LLC (SDI), works with companies to implement, deploy, and reap the benefits of our Enhanced Product Development method and tools.


November 6, 2016
SDI Tools 4.10 has been released. Download now.

February 8, 2015

SDI Tools 4.9 has been released. Download now.

January 1, 2015
To all our users: SDI Tools v4 software has evolved and it has become necessary for us to evaluate the Windows and Microsoft Office versions that we can support. Windows XP was released more than 12 years ago, and Office 2003 was released more than 10 years ago. Because of the infrastructure involved (Windows APIs, Visual Basic to .NET add-ins, and the transition from Tool Bars to Ribbon user interfaces), it is becoming ever harder to build a single application that will run on Windows 7 and 8 and also Windows XP, or a single add-in that will work in Excel 2007-2013 and also Excel 2003. As you may be aware, Microsoft officially ended support for Windows XP and Office 2003 in April 2014. As a result, SDI will also officially end support for Excel 2003 in future releases of the SDI Tools v4 software. If you are still using Windows XP and/or Office 2003, we suggest that you consider upgrading so that you will to be able to utilize the full capabilities of the SDI Tools v4 software. Your continued use and support of the SDI software is appreciated and we will strive to maintain future compatibility as all of our computing platforms and support software evolve.